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Club news: SMC advocates safer road conditions for motorcyclists

Publication date: 03 May 2017

The Swedish Motorcyclists Association (SMC) has released guidelines showing how road conditions can be improved for motorcyclists. The guidelines are based on accident data, research, facts and regulations in Sweden and similar initiatives in other countries. It also includes advice on how to make road infrastructure friendlier for motorcyclists as well as maintenance of the infrastructure. 
SMC’s objective with these guidelines is to include motorcyclists into Vision Zero, or the goal to achieve zero road fatalities, since there are no guidelines on motorcycle safety in the regulation for infrastructure. The guidelines have already been distributed to 67,000 members along with the membership magazine at the end of April with a request to share the information to all involved in roads and road safety.
The Club will also send the guidelines to all stakeholders involved in road safety in Sweden: road owners in Sweden, all local authorities and regions, the government, the Swedish Transport Administration, the Swedish Transport Agency and many more. SMC also offers personal contact with motorcyclists all over Sweden in order to start cooperating for improved safety for all vulnerable road users, including the motorcycle riders.

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