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Club news: RACJ targets youth safety on Jordanian roads

Publication date: 14 February 2017

70% of the population of Jordan are under the age of 30 and road accidents are the number 1 cause of death in for people ages 15 to 29. With this in mind, the Royal Automobile Club of Jordan has launched a campaign called Youth Safety that will last throughout 2017 and target young people to take an active role in the field road safety.

RACJ plans to involve young people in road safety decision making and invite them to actively participate in preventing traffic accidents. Young people present a massive opportunity to be active in road safety.

The campaign will include:

  • Training programmes: On crash prevention and driving skills through simulator targeting 2500 of youth, taxi and school bus drivers

  • Stop/Look/Wave Campaign: targeting kids aged 7 to 12 aiming to raise awareness among kids on safe road crossing

  • I am Committed Campaign: Targeting road users (drivers, passengers and pedestrians) to raise awareness on safe road use

  • Sports Tournaments: (tennis, squash, bowling, football, basketball, swimming) targeting youth of all ages aiming to raise awareness on road safety

  • Shams Group comedy/drama Play: focusing on youth behavior on roads and the consequences of such behaviors

  • Music composing by Talal Abu Alragheb inspired by vehicle sounds

  • Social media activities: engaging large group of youth discussing and sharing road safety photos, videos and experiences

  • Youth Cafe: monthly youth road safety awareness meetings shedding light on Road Safety issues

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