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Club news: RACE has helped one million motorists in need

Publication date: 05 January 2016

The Real Automóvil Club de Espańa (RACE) has reached a milestone in having handled one million cases where motorists have required aid. These cases include roadside assistance, travel assistance or simply support with dealing with fines, which were provided to international and national members, as well as B2B customers.

The one millionth case came in the form of a caller on in the evening of 12 December 2015. His car was immobilised at a petrol station in Madrid, due to misfuelling, (petrol instead of diesel). After receiving instructions from RACE’s technical help desk, a patrol car “RACE 10” was deployed to extract the contaminated fuel from the tank.

RACE has also helped its members and customers providing them with medical assistance services in countries like the United States, France, Ecuador, Colombia or Thailand. The number of cases at the end of November 2015 had reached 4,300 cases, including the repatriation of more than 780 patients in medicalised vehicles or air ambulances from the countries Romania, Finland and Thailand.

RACE roadside assistance service has multiplied its volume of on-the-spot repairs by fleet patrols to six times that of other assistance companies in Spain. To maintain its high quality service, RACE undergoes regular independent audits of its assistance, to evaluate issues such as quality, time of arrival at the scene, technical agents training or the patrol car fleet.

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