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Club news: RACC incorporates virtual reality in young driver training

Publication date: 04 April 2017

Reial Automòbil Club de Catalunya’s (RACC) driving schools are now using virtual reality (VR) systems to improve the driving skills of students, by enabling them to experience tense driving situations during classroom training. This initiative is a response to RACC’s study on young drivers which revealed that ‘not knowing how to react to emergencies’ and ‘not keeping a safe distance between themselves and other vehicles’, are the two main mistakes young drivers make.
The initiative aligns with RACC’s aim to improve safety for young drivers and other road users. Despite the decrease in the number of victims in recent years, traffic accidents are still one of the most frequent causes of death in the 15 to 29 age group in Spain.
Pioneering with this innovation in Spanish driving schools, RACC is using the latest technologies to help young drivers learn how to prevent accidents. Thanks to VR, students can experience complicated road situations in a safe environment, while receiving instruction on the right thing to do.
Another initiative in driving training is RACC’s free Autoescuela app, which allows students to learn as they play, and prepare them for their driving theory exams. RACC Autoescuela trained approximately 12,800 students in 2016, and with its position as the largest driving school in Spain, RACC believes these innovation in its training systems will be beneficial to the country as a whole.  


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