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Club news: ÖAMTC Driving Skills results in 71% fewer fatalities among young motorists since 2001

Publication date: 01 August 2017

A new study of 4,500 participants in ÖAMTC’s Driving Skills Centres highlights benefits of multi-phase driver training with a dramatic drop in road fatalities for motorists and motorcyclists.

Since 2003, novice drivers have been required to complete a multi-stage training programme in Austria. As a result, the number of fatalities among young drivers has dropped significantly for both motorists and motorcyclists: by 71% for motorists and 31% for motorcyclists. More than 500,000 participants have now completed a multi-phase training course at one of the ÖAMTC’s Driving Skills Centres.

“We seized the opportunity of this landmark figure to find out what participants think of our training courses and the impact they’ve had,” explains ÖAMTC CEO Oliver Schmerold. He continued, “This outstanding success and the demonstrable improvement in the participants’ driving skills show that the quality of our training courses is very high. What’s more, the trend in accident statistics also shows that training courses have had a favourable impact on road safety. This clearly demonstrates that introducing multi-phase training in Austria was the right step. It’s now time to evaluate all the providers to ensure a positive benefit, regardless of where participants complete their courses.”

ÖAMTC polled 4,500 participants in the Driving Skills Centres, with instructors also taking part and observing and rating the training undergone by these mostly young motorists and motorcyclists. In the course of the survey, the most frequent responses given by those who completed the motorist training courses were that they now felt safer and better able to anticipate situations on the road; they now kept their distance to the vehicles in front and were better at braking. After completing their training session, motorcyclists felt they now had a better cornering technique; they generally felt safer on the roads and were also better at sighting their trajectory.

The training courses on offer at the eight ÖAMTC Driving Skills Centres throughout Austria have proved popular. Based on the grading system used in Austrian schools (1 = top mark; 5 = bottom mark), novice drivers and riders gave an average mark of 1.3 to the car courses and 1.25 to the motorcycle courses.


Photo: Christian Houdek

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