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Club news: ÖAMTC offers roadside assistance using e-bikes as well as extended services for electric and hybrid cars at technical centres

Publication date: 02 June 2015

The Austrian Automobile Club, ÖAMTC expands its roadside assistance fleet with e-bikes. For ÖAMTC, roadside assistance is one of the core Club activities that is provided to all types of members.

“Starting from 28 May, ÖAMTC patrolmen will be using e-bikes in addition to cars and combined towing or roadside assistance trucks. They offer a high quality service for cars, motorcycles, mopeds and bicycles. This is a unique form of providing roadside assistance and a worldwide first,” said CEO Oliver Schmerold.

The e-bike is equipped with a toolbox, a laptop for problem diagnostics and dispatch coordination, as well as some essential spare parts. The composition of the toolbox was carefully selected, based on the evaluation of the most common problems the members experience in an urban environment. The use of e-bikes ensures the highest level of mobility in the city centre and shortens the time between dispatch and arrival on the scene.

“E-bikes can use urban traffic without the disadvantages which patrolmen face whilst using regular vehicles: avoid traffic jams, better parking possibilities, higher maneuverability, and faster arrival on the scene ensuring a quicker assistance for all motor vehicles and bicycles,” Oliver Schmerold said.

In addition to e-bikes, ÖAMTC is also expanding its offer for electric and hybrid cars.

ÖAMTC has reacted to the recent increase in the number of electric cars and hybrid cars by launching three eCompetence centres in Austria. eCompetence is expanding the range of services provided within the existing technical sites in Baden, St. Pölten and Linz.

The eCompetence centres offer extensive services for members with cars and bikes equipped with electric (or hybrid) engines. The usual range of ÖAMTC services like a §57 MOT inspection, pre-buy check and small repairs is available to members besides the specific services offered: insulation test, AC check, safety check and suspension diagnostics.

If the feedback on the eCompetence sites is positive, ÖAMTC plans to increase the number of sites with eCompetence.

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