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Club news: NAF says lane assist systems can save lives

Publication date: 25 June 2015

The Norwegian Club, NAF, in cooperation with ADAC, has tested lane assist systems in six different cars, and the results are clear: investing the extra features will provide car safety that can save lives. Figures show that in over 25% of traffic accidents a lane assist system could have helped the driver, and in 40% of these cases the accident could have been avoided. "We recommend that you check for lane assisst systems when buying a new car. It can save you in critical situations", said Andreas Handeland, Advisor in NAF.

Lane assist systems can help avoid a frequent cause of accidents; they correct vehicles from unintentionally leaving their lane, or changing lanes when it is dangerous to do so because of oncoming vehicle. However, Andreas Handeland reminds that a driver cannot just sit down and relax. "An alert driver is the most important! These systems are designed to help the driver in emergencies."

Read the full article here (in Norwegian)

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