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Club news: Motormännen runs annual health check on Swedish roads

Publication date: 25 July 2015

The Swedish Automobile Club Motormännen checks each year the state of Swedish roads using 12 sponsored cars. This year the Club focuses on the condition of the roads, the state of rest areas, and the railing along the sides of roads. The Club’s “road agents” drive thousands of kilometres each summer with the help of Roadroid, a mobile phone app. that registers how level the road is. If the driver drives over a hole in the pavement, or if the road is poorly maintained, the app will blacklist the road or parts of it. All of this data is later compiled and sent to Swedish road authorities.

While on the road, the agents make sure to visit different rest areas along the highways. They grade the stops focusing on bathroom tidiness, availability of picnic tables, general maintenance, and any extra services provided to caravans. The reason for rating rest stops is to raise awareness to the fact that many accidents are caused by driver fatigue.

The Club also investigates the state of railing by the side of the road. Due to poor maintenance, old age or heavy snowfall many railings on the side of roads have become deformed, damaged or have sunk into the ground. The Club’s mission is to report to the road authorities on railings that do not fulfill the standard height or that jeopardise road safety due to bad condition. In the past, these cars have generated positive publicity for the Club, and members have volunteered to help with the investigation.

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