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Club news: MEMSI provides safety training for company drivers

Publication date: 05 November 2015

The Automobile and Touring Club of Israel (MEMSI) has completed a road safety session for company drivers. Many companies in Israel that have a fleet of company-owned vehicles allow their employees to use the vehicles, as long as they undergo safety training.


In this safety training, MEMSI provided theoretical information covering all aspects of safe driving. In addition to theoretical teaching, the practical sessions of the training included: vehicle control, speeding and breaking, emergency breaking, overtaking a slower vehicle, entering and exiting a parking lot, changing lanes, increased awareness and the ability to expect the unexpected.


Following the theoretical part, all participants went through practical training – practicing everything they have learned on a closed track, and out on the open roads. The Club received very positive feedback from the participants, which especially mentioned the fact that there are many things they were learning for the first time despite the fact that they have been driving for years.

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