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Club news: MEMSI launches a campaign to improve road safety of senior citizens

Publication date: 03 May 2016

MEMSI has launched a campaign aimed at raising public awareness about road safety among the elderly population in Israel.


The project consists of one-day informative seminars that take place across the country. As part of the campaign, different media channels are used to draw the public’s attention to the issue.


MEMSI produced a series of articles focusing on the different ways in which age can affect our everyday lives, in areas such as situational awareness, speed of reaction, hearing, nutrition, physical activeness and many more. The articles received coverage in leading local newspapers across the country and in the internal publications of several institutes working on issues relevant to the elderly. The campaign and its informational materials have attracted attention in online media as well.


As the campaign continues, MEMSI plans to maximise its outreach through intensifying its cooperation with senior citizens’ clubs, city halls and other relevant organisations engaged with the needs of the elderly. 

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