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Club news: MEMSI combines Think Bikes with #SaveKidsLives

Publication date: 07 July 2015

The Automobile and Touring Club of Israel (MEMSI) integrated Think Bikes messages into their activities to support the UN’s #SaveKidsLives campaign. The Club is running a road safety initiative targeted at teaching elementary school children and their parents the rules of the road.

The programme consists of road safety workshops for children and their parents. The children are given free access to a play area designed to look like a street. Then they are taught specific rules of the road. Following the lesson, they are again sent out into the play area to practice what they had learned as pedestrians and cyclists. The parents observe the play and the lessons. They get to see the change in the behaviour of their children as a result of the new skills learned during the workshop.

The campaign combines road safety with specific activities designed to increase bike safety for children. The kids and their parents also create an informational brochure as reminders of what is important regarding road safety. These brochures were given to elementary school children in several cities. The feedback received so far has been very positive, and the Club intends to continue its road safety activities and campaigns. The Campaign was carried out as part of the FIA Road Safety Grant Programme.

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