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Club news: FDM lit up the roads in Denmark

Publication date: 01 December 2015

”Light Up the Roads” is the story of how an FDM social media campaign was created from user generated content, adding both topicality and relatability. From the users to the users.


FDM experienced a high number of inquiries concerning the 2011 EU introduction of mandatory daytime running lights at the front of the car on all new cars to secure safer roads with more easily visible vehicles, especially on Facebook. Many of FDM’s members had had experiences, where they could not see other cars on the road because the taillights were not on. Having registered the inquiries, FDM wanted to achieve two things: they wanted to inform the motorist of the new rules concerning taillights, and they wanted to show the organisation's members that their worries were taken seriously. Therefore a social media campaign was initiated.


FDM created five images to be shared on the social media platforms Facebook and Twitter. The images were all showing the back end of a car. Two of them were of cars in the dark, the other three represented situations with poor visibility: Fog, heavy rain and snow. The text on the images read, ”Remember your taillights”. FDM also created the hashtag #husklyset which means, “remember the lights” to be used on Twitter. A premise for using social media for such a campaign was that FDM would participate in the dialogue that followed. An employee was therefore assigned to monitor the dialogue and answer user questions.


The campaign was widely popular. The first image was shared 2829 times and reached 337,602 people. More than ten times the amount of followers the FDM Facebook page had at the time. It illustrated how a strong social media presence can allow an organization to broaden their communication. FDM’s presence on social media allows the organisation to meet their members, where they are. Through direct dialogue, it was possible to create a campaign that sprung from the users' needs. many users felt invested in the campaign, because they were the reason it was initiated, which created the foundation for its success.

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