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Club news: ASA launches MOTOASIST to protect Slovakian motorcyclists

Publication date: 19 October 2016

Autoklub Slovakia Assistance recently launched during MOTOASIST to protect motorcyclists and ensure rescue in an emergency. The advertising campaign, which included a website, billboards, motor meetings, social media, conversations with traumatologist, transport experts and more was carried out over the summer of 2016.


This is a unique security system, GPS tracking and assistance services designed for motorcycles, scooters, quads and trikes. The base is GPS unit built into a motorcycle, which can automatically evaluate dangerous conditions caused by a collision or a falling motorcycle. It sends the information about this incident to the ASA dispatching center. The dispatcher workers immediately to call the motorcyclist on the phone and verify the accident. If the motorcyclist does not respond, the dispatcher sends rescue and security teams to the precise location.

The motorcycle is equipped with a SOS button where a motorcyclist can manually call for help with a switch that shows the accident automatically.

Motoasist provides extra security functions for motorcycles. When parked, the security mode indicates any unauthorised manipulation of the motorcycle - moving from the stand, activating the alarm, towing, starting the engine, unplugging the power supply. For all these incidents, Motoasist immediately warns the motorcyclist and the dispatching centre of ASA with notifications. The dispatchers immediately contact the motorcyclist with the status of their vehicle.



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