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Club news: ANWB launches Pay As You Drive car insurance

Publication date: 20 June 2016

The Royal Dutch Touring Club, ANWB, is launching a car insurance product designed to encourage drivers to drive more safely. Insurance policy holders give ANWB access to data about their driving behavior via a dongle in the car. These details are used to calculate the driver’s individual driving score and to give him/her advice on how to improve their driving behavior. The driving score is then translated into a discount on their ANWB car insurance premium, which can amount up to 30%.


If policyholders don’t drive particularly safely, and the advice and tips don’t result in any improvement, they will lose their discount. Every ten days, policyholders receive feedback on four areas of their driving:  speed, accelerating, braking and cornering.  A driving score and driving tips are sent via their smartphone. Every three months, the price of their insurance is reviewed, based on their driving score for that quarter.


The insurance aims to help ANWB promote road safety in the Netherlands, and to keep car insurance as affordable as possible. ANWB members will receive a 10% introductory discount on their insurance premium.

The product has been developed in cooperation with the Club's insurance subsidiary, Unigarant and Ingenie, one of the UK’s leading insurance telematics insurers. Ingenie’s experience in the UK has shown that customers. who are part of their Good Driving programme, significantly improve their driving behaviour. This has led to substantially less damage and fewer accidents.


Drivers of all ages could benefit from the programme, as even experienced drivers can learn and improve their driving, if they are made aware of their driving behaviour.  


The data collected is safe and will only be used for the intended purpose. Participants’ privacy is guaranteed. 

For more information visit ANWB's website (in Dutch)


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