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Club news: AMZS continues to teach children to #StayBright

Publication date: 25 November 2016

Since early October, Auto-Moto Zveza Slovenije (AMZS) has been active promoting FIA Region I’s international road safety campaign Stay Bright. The campaign encourages the youngest road users and pedestrians in general to wear reflective gear especially in the autumn-winter season, when daylight is shorter.

AMZS carried out the campaign through its member Clubs, which have successfully involved many schools and kindergartens in Stay Bright activities. About 15 schools and kindergartens participated in campaign and produced various creative materials such as videos, paintings, drawings, short stories with their mentors. Through their creations, they shared an important message of being visible and the importance of pedestrians and cyclists to contribute to their own road safety.

Jure Kostanjšek , the Head of Mobility/Road Safety at AMZS, said “We believe that the promotion of road safety among children is more effective when using appealing and creative methods. The influence of an interactive campaign, like Stay Bright, is much higher than only talking about the topics with them. Learning while playing and fostering creativity is one of the best ways to introduce this topic to children and make an impact on their perception of road safety.”

AMZS has distributed over 4,000 reflective stickers and over 4.000 reflective key chains as part of the campaign.

Find out more about AMZS's activities (in Slovenian)

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