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Club news: AMAK supports Stay Bright and Project EDWARD

Publication date: 09 November 2016

In September, the National Automobile Club of Azerbaijan (AMAK) organised events at schools with the theme “A day without a road death!”. During the events, there were discussions with pupils that were accompanied by a short presentation about AMAK and videos from FIA Region "Stay Bright" campaign. To support the European Commission’s campaign "Project EDWARD", AMAK carried out an awareness event at Beshmartaba circle. In total, 500 pupils from schools in Baku participated in the event, which lasted three days.

During the event, pupils in police uniforms were stopping random drivers and pedestrians, introducing themselves, informing about violation of traffic rules and its dangers, and reminding the drivers and pedestrians that they should be careful while driving and crossing the roads. Drivers and pedestrians were also provided with Stay Bright materials and informative leaflets about AMAK and Child Restraint Systems. The police escorted pupils during the activities.

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