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Club News: AMAK delivers training to taxi drivers about road safety

Publication date: 20 December 2016

Throughout November, the National Automobile Club of Azerbaijan (AMAK) carried out a Defensive Driving and First Aid training for 200 taxi drivers in Baku.

During the training, taxi drivers learned about topics such as: recommendations for defensive driving methods; speed safety for certain weather conditions; the importance of the use of seatbelts; rules for safe overtaking; and passenger education. Alongside the training for taxi drivers, the taxi company’s management team will attend a separate session focusing on the training’s results and effectiveness, as well as company-specific recommendations on how to improve future operations while still prioritising road safety. Prior to the training sessions, the taxi drivers had pre-evaluations to find out the level of existing knowledge on the subject and post-evaluations to measure the effectiveness of the trainings.

In addition to the road safety lessons the taxi drivers received specifically tailored training on first aid for a variety of possible circumstances. The taxi drivers were also given training materials on defensive driving and first aid handbook that they could refer to in the future. The first aid training was the first ever of its kind, since no such training was conducted for taxi drivers previously in such a format in Baku (Azerbaijan).

Based on the results of the post training evaluations, those taxi drivers, who will meet the requirements to qualify, will be rewarded with certificates and “Safe Driver” tags to be placed on their vehicles for passengers information. It is planned to re-evaluate the impact of the training program after a few months to understand the long-term impact and to assess the sustainability aspects of this pilot project.

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