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Club news: ADAC consumer survey on autonomous vehicles reveals concerns about safety and liability

Publication date: 20 December 2016

ADAC has recently revealed the results of a representative member survey on automated vehicles. The survey found that one third of ADAC members can already picture themselves using autonomous vehicles. However, safety and liability are key concerns.

Two thirds (63 percent) of the club’s members expect autonomous vehicles to be officially approved in Germany in the mid to long term with the remaining 46 percent expecting this to happen within the next ten years. ADAC members are not averse to getting on board autonomous vehicles. As many as 33 percent can already picture themselves leaving the driving to an “autonomous chauffeur” in the future. For 35 percent, this is not an option, while almost a third (39 percent) are undecided.

On a particularly positive note, 58 percent of respondents believe that autonomous vehicles could ensure mobility for people who will not or cannot drive actively.

Most ADAC members agree that safety is an issue of major importance in the context of autonomous driving.

As a key prerequisite for the acceptance of self-driving cars, the issues of liability and responsibility for accidents need to be clearly regulated. More than 80 percent of respondents expect a clear assignment of responsibility and liability for accidents involving an autonomous vehicle and the resulting damage and/or injuries. 50 percent are in favour of product liability. 18 percent consider the person in the car responsible, while only 9 percent assign responsibility to the registered owner of the vehicle.

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