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Club news: ADAC adopts a major plan for reform

Publication date: 24 May 2016

During the ADAC Annual General Meeting, which took place on 7 May 2016 in Lübeck, the 221 voting delegates approved a new plan for structural and strategic realignment of the Club.


An overwhelming majority of the delegates, representing the 18 autonomous regional clubs, backed the strategy for the introduction of a new 3-pillar organisational structure, as well as the new general strategy for Club development. While the Club’s structural reorganisation plans were supported by 84% of the delegates, the new overall strategy was adopted unanimously. This means that the Club can go ahead with implementing the structural reforms, which aim at securing ADAC’s status as a registered association in the future.


Additionally, during the meeting, delegates appointed Jens Kuhfuß as the new ADAC Vice President for Finance. Mr Kuhfuß, who holds a degree in business administration, has been involved with ADAC activities since 1980 and has been holding the position of Club treasurer since 2010.





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