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Club news: ACR develops new app for children

Publication date: 31 May 2016

A new application, developed by the Automobile Club of Romania, gives children the chance to learn about safe driving and road safety while at the same time encourage their parents to drive within the speed limit.


The new mobile application “Mr Bear Driver”, developed by ACR, Romania, inverts the roles between children and their parents and encourages kids to watch out for the way their parents are driving. The app is designed to be played by children while riding in the back-seat during car journeys, and aims to teach them about traffic safety in real-life conditions. The game is activated when players are in a moving vehicle and it uses GPS technology to replicate the speed of the actual car inside the game. Whenever the car exceeds the speed limit the child is prompted to tell the driver to be more careful and to slow down. In case the driver does not slow down, the player loses points and could lose the game.


The game was developed by the Automobile Club of Romania in cooperation with Publicis Romania. It will soon be available through the App store and Google Play.

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