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Club news: ACR celebrates 111th anniversary of motorsport in Romania

Publication date: 28 September 2015

On 19 September, Automobil Clubul Roman (ACR) organised a touristic race on the European road Giurgiu-Bucharest took place in Romania, celebrating 111 years of automobile races in the country.


The first race, also organised by ACR, was only the sixth Club in the world to organise an automobile competition, following the example of Clubs in France, Germany, Austria, the US and Italy. At that the time, the event was organised by Prince George Valentin Bibescu, who also founded the ACR earlier that year. Pupils from the School Laboratory for Road Safety Education, which takes part in the FIA Foundation-supported national road safety campaign 'A Second For Your Life', greeted the participants of this year's race.


The many vintage and modern cars participating were welcomed by spectators, especially in the city of Giurgiu, where the Teohari Antonescu Museum prepared an exhibition on the historic race, stating that it 'shows at the same time the secular place of the town of Giurgiu in world motorsport, together with the ACR'. The Club's president donated to the museum the 'ACR Centenary Chronicle 1904', together with a historical photo of the race and a pen drawing of Prince Goerge Valentin Bibescu. The Trabantists Club Bucharest, which celebrated its 15th anniversary, also contributed with many participating vehicles to the success of the event.

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