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Club news: ACI launches My Car My Data

Publication date: 17 February 2016

On 15 February, the Automobile Club of Italy (ACI) launched the FIA awareness campaign on the ownership of connected car’s data, My Car My Data. The ongoing campaign aims to inform and raise awareness on a problem that will increasingly affect drivers in the near future: the ownership of the data and the right to decide whether or not to share it – a choice which should be up to each driver.

ACI is spreading the campaign in Italy and invites all citizens to express their opinion by taking part in the online survey. ACI is also planning to develop further communication and awareness-raising initiatives in the future, involving political representatives and mass media.

In commenting on the launch of the campaign, ACI President Angelo Sticchi Damiani declared: “Without doubt connected cars can significantly help improve safety and performance while driving, as they result in more information for the driver. Nevertheless, some aspects need to be carefully considered. I am referring to the necessity for drivers to retain the ownership of their connected car’s data and the right to choose whether or not to share them and with whom. Otherwise we will face the risk of having a market dominated by manufacturers and inaccessible to independent service providers.”

Read more on ACI's website (in Italian)

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