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Club news: ACI launches a digital certificate of ownership

Publication date: 07 October 2015

The Automobile Club d’Italia has been running the Italian Public Register of Motor Vehicles on behalf of the Italian government since 1927. On 5 October, ACI started a digital revolution by replacing the paper certificate of vehicle ownership with a digital version, accessible online and protected by a PIN code.


This is a turning point towards the digitalisation of all motor vehicle-related paperwork. The final goal is to achieve full digitalisation of the entire bureaucratic procedure, which should enable important savings for both the State and individual motorists. Moreover, the digital solution will end the yearly consumption of about 30 million sheets of paper – the equivalent of 9,000km (the distance between Rome and Rio de Janeiro) or a wood of 400 trees.


ACI President Sticchi Damiani said: “Today we are marking a major step towards streamlining our services and making them more and more user friendly. ACI has embraced the challenge of digital innovation, multiplying the efforts to comply with the requests of the Italian Government to perform in this direction.“

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