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Club news: AAT brings road safety education to schools

Publication date: 24 April 2017

The Automobile Association of Tanzania (AAT) launched the ‘Teachers on Road Safety’ training programme to help incorporate road safety into the school curriculum and educate school children on the subject. The programme reached 40 schools and colleges, including 6 nurseries, 27 primary schools and 6 secondary schools. In total, the programme trained more than 800 teachers.

By training teachers, AAT aims to reach 50,000 school children in a short period of time and even more in the future as road safety remains on the school curriculum. To mark their participation in the road safety classes, children will receive road safety certificates along with other promotional items.

The project began in March, in joint effort with the FIA Road Safety grant programme, Michelin International, the National Road Safety Council and Tanzania Traffic Police HQ Education Unit.


Media coverage: Michuzi TV and AYO TV

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