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Club news: AA UK, ANWB and ÖAMTC collaborate on connected car services

Publication date: 30 May 2017

Last year, the FIA Region I Clubs AA UK, ANWB and ÖAMTC established a joint venture called Intelematics Europe with Intelematics Australia to provide connected membership services to European Clubs. More information here.


Following this collaboration, a new car assistance device which monitors the condition of cars to help prevent breakdowns before they happen, has been introduced. The device plugs into the vehicle's dashboard and a mobile app informs the user of the status and condition of their vehicle. In addition to warning the driver of any defects, the device also assists roadside assistance teams to locate broken-down vehicles and helps drivers save fuel.

The AA UK and ANWB have launched this device in their countries based on the positive feedback they received during the pilots. The ANWB launched the assistance product as ‘ANWB Connected’ in mid-April, and the AA UK introduced to its members as the ‘Car Genie’ in May.  


ÖAMTC has recently started its pilot project ‘Smart Connect’ to assess the market before launching product in Austria. Also, other Clubs including Forenede Danske Motorejere (FDM) will soon follow this initiative. 


More about Intelematics

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