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Club news: ACR organises a road safety symposium in Bucharest

Publication date: 16 June 2016

On 14 June, the Automobile Club of Romania (ACR) organised a National Symposium under the name “Save Kids Lives” in cooperation with the Romanian Traffic Police. The event was a huge success and was attended by representatives from various state authorities including the Ministry of National Education and Science Research, the Ministry of Labour and the Ministry of Youth and Sports. The President of the National Authority for the Protection of Children and Adoption, high level officials from the Romanian Police as well as civil society members were also amongst the guests of the event.




The symposium was concluded by the adoption of a resolution proposing a list of measurements aimed at increasing road safety and the safety of children in traffic in particular. Those measures included:


  • Introduction of compulsory road safety lessons in primary schools;
  • Ensuring the safety of crosswalks around primary schools through the work of volunteer patrols;
  • Promoting of karting competitions, which could prepare children for disciplined and defensive driving;
  • Creation of bicycle tracks and sidewalks in rural areas;
  • Installation of speed limitation devices in strategic places such as around parks, schools etc.;
  • Promotion of the use of bicycle helmets amongst children;
  • Promotion of the use of child seats for cars;
  • Partnerships with relevant stakeholders for improving road safety of children;
  • Launch of periodic awareness raising campaigns on different issues related to road safety;
  • Modernisations of the road infrastructure and improvement of the traffic signs network in dangerous areas. 


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