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Children learn rules of the road in FIA contest in Bochnia, Poland

Publication date: 24 September 2012

Far too many children continue to suffer accidents on roads every day which could have been avoided - while walking to school, while playing outside, or while cycling to the shop.


The annual FIA European Traffic Education Contest aims to encourage children from across Europe to learn how to stay safe on the road, while also providing the opportunity for them to make new friends from other countries. This year the event was hosted by Polish Automobile Club PZM in Bochnia, Poland, on 21- 24 September 2012.


FIA Region I President Werner Kraus welcomed the competing children to the contest, and thanked PZM for their excellent organisation of activities.


Over the course of a full day of competition, the children were tested on their understanding of the rules of the road and their skills on a bicycle. Out of 20 participating Automobile Clubs, this year’s winners came from the Czech Club UAMK.


Next year the event will be hosted by the Montenegrin Automobile Club AMSCG in September 2013.



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