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CARS 2020: Meeting consumer expectations is key for future demand, says FIA

Publication date: 25 February 2013

Reinforcing the automotive industry’s competitiveness and sustainability heading towards 2020 are the declared goals of the CARS 2020 stakeholder group which held its first meeting at the European Commission on 25 February. However, the FIA is disappointed that the group’s agenda has not sufficiently prioritised consumer demand.

Speaking at the meeting, FIA Region I Director General Jacob Bangsgaard said: “The process is too focused on supply and not enough account has been taken of the demand side. The demand for mobility services is changing in our society and only those who can adapt to the real needs of tomorrow’s market will be successful. We are happy to bring in the consumers perspective to that debate if we are looking at how to move forward instead of only looking at the market situation of the automotive industry today.”

The CARS 2020 Action Plan comprises a number of proposals for policy initiatives in order to:


  • Promote investment in advanced technologies and innovation for clean vehicles;
  • Improve market conditions;
  • Support industry in accessing the global market;
  • Promote investment in skills and training to accompany structural change and anticipate employment and skills needs.

“The inclusion of advanced technologies and innovations for clean vehicles is welcome, but too much emphasis is put on the vehicle and too little on the connected traveller of the future. New technologies will only be adopted if the infrastructure and information flow is attractive: available services  will depend on communication platforms and their openness for value added service offers. Meeting consumer expectations will be key to driving future demand and should be at the heart of the discussions”, Mr Bangsgaard said.

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