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Bringing together road safety and connected mobility

Publication date: 26 February 2014

On 21 February 2014, the Forum for the Automobile and Society organised a workshop on Road Safety and Connected Mobility with the support of Michelin. More than 30 participants attended the interactive session where five international traffic safety experts came to present how emerging car connectivity can contribute to increasing road safety.

Participants identified driver distraction, poor quality or lack of training, technology limitations and a lack of common standards as the main stumbling blocks for better road safety with connected vehicles. These must be addressed in order to make the most of the connected technologies. In this context, it was noted that all stakeholders have a responsibility in the deployment of reliable technologies that can benefit all consumers.

The representatives from the European Commission underlined their role in being aware of the development of all the technologies in order to boost research and enable consumer acceptance. The Commission plans to finance EU projects to help support the deployment of new technologies and also provide evidence to form the basis of smart legislation.

The debate concluded by highlighting the issue of data protection: people will have to be in control of the data transmitted by their vehicle.

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