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Club News: Bringing road safety into Zimbabwe’s classrooms

Publication date: 27 August 2015

The Automobile Association of Zimbabwe, in partnership with the Traffic Safety Council of Zimbabwe (TSCZ), carried out a Road Safety Education project at schools throughout Zimbabwe to address the need for safer roads. The focus is on children, who are among the most vulnerable road users, and the road safety educators were drawn from the Young People’s Network.

The first step was to obtain teaching materials, such as road safety charts and road safety education textbooks. One day workshops were then organised for the teachers and educators, who were trained by TSCZ officials. Lastly, teams of five were set up with each team headed by a TSCZ official. Children were then taught the programme which included pedestrian safety, passenger safety, cyclist safety, leading and herding animals and the causes of accidents in Zimbabwe. The project covered approximately 720 schools at which lessons on road safety were taught and the following achieved:

  • More than 30,0000 school children taught about road safety for pedestrians, cyclists and passengers

  • Twenty volunteer road safety educators trained

  • About 1,000 teaches trained to teach road safety in schools

  • 10,000 road safety charts and 1,000 road safety education textbooks produced

  • A blue-print on how to mainstream road safety education in the school curriculum has been developed

This initiative was carried out with financial assistance and support from the FIA.

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