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You are here: FIA Region I News Club news: BIHAMK contributes to improving road safety in Bosnia and Herzegovina with the support of OAMTC


BIHAMK contributes to improving road safety in Bosnia and Herzegovina with the support of ÖAMTC

Published on: 29 November 2013

On 21 November 2013, a milestone road safety event for BIHAMK took place in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Werner Kraus, ÖAMTC's President, presided over the official hand-over of 282 child car seats donated by ÖAMTC. BIHAMK's President, Rasim Kadic, also presented eight new patrol vehicles and the first CNG powered eco tow truck in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


During the event, attended by H.E. Mr. Martin Pammer, Ambassador of Austria to B-H and high level B-H State officials, Werner Kraus symbolically handed over a baby car seat to a long-term member of BIHAMK, which marked the start of BIHAMK's campaign to distribute the donated child restraints to members with small children.




This was not the first time that the ÖAMTC has made such donations; previous experience has shown that distributing baby seats has a direct and significant positive influence to raising the safety of the most vulnerable road users.


BIHAMK was also very proud to announce the introduction of the first CNG powered eco tow truck in B-H as well as eight new patrol vehicles equipped to the strictest European standards. Two of the patrol vehicles were ÖAMTC's donation as a part of FIA Region I Clubs' joint project of patrol car donation, and the acquiring of the CNG powered tow truck was realised within the Fund of Environment Protection of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.


This truly unique event was created by joining two partner and sister FIA Region I Clubs. It closed with BIHAMK's guest of honour, Werner Kraus, pressing the rotation button to signify that the new patrol vehicles were put into service on the roads, to start assisting motorists in need just in time for the winter season.

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