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BIHAMK: Start of Road Safety campaign for schoolchildren in Bosnia-Herzegovina

Monday 22 October 2012 marked the start of the Bosnia and Herzegovina Automobile Club’s (BIHAMK) new campaign:  “Road Safety of Schoolchildren in B-H”. The campaign, launched for this school year, is primarily an educational campaign aimed at improving road safety among schoolchildren in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Implementation of this multi-year initiative is supported by the FIA as part of the global efforts of the UN Decade of Action and FIA Action for Road Safety campaigns.
The campaign involves road traffic education lectures, quizzes, and the dissemination of appropriate informational-educational materials (storybooks, brochures) for more than 50,000 schoolchildren in 300 primary schools in order to educate the youngest and most vulnerable traffic participants on how to behave safely on the road. This includes the correct use of sidewalks (from home to school), the correct use of roads without sidewalks, crossing  the road with and without traffic lights, public transport usage, driving in the car and proper use of child restraints and seat belts, walking in impaired visibility conditions, bicycle riding, helmets usage, etc.. Children will be able to get involved actively in the realisation of the campaign by taking part in the contest for designing the logo and jingle of the campaign, while students who score the best results in road safety quizzes will be awarded with prizes.
Apart from this road safety awareness campaign, “Road Safety for Schoolchildren in B-H” will include a pilot project of innovative horizontal signalisation (involving several primary schools situated very near local roads). By installing the special horizontal signalisation in three colours on roads in the vicinity of schools, drivers passing by will be warned that they are approaching schools and should reduce their vehicle speed according to the requirements of traffic safety law.
In the short-term perspective, this campaign will teach children how to stay safe in road traffic, thus decreasing the number of traffic accidents related deaths and injuries of children. In the long-term perspective, Bosnia and Herzegovina will have a future generation of educated and road safety sensitive drivers.

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