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Club news: ATCM spreads awareness of road safety in Mozambique

Publication date: 19 May 2014

In 2014, the Automobile and Touring Club of Mozambique (ATCM) is pursuing better awareness of road safety in Mozambique.


In March 2014, ATCM engaged in a road safety campaign focusing on the cities of Beira and Quelimane. The Club established partnerships for the campaign with Municipal Councils, the Directorate of Education, Youth and Sport as well as the Directorate of Transport and Communication. 


In April 2014, the ATCM developed a campaign involving a theatre group to visit schools, universities and car dealers throughout Beira City. The same campaign also visited Quelimane City, focusing on schools and car dealers. The aim of this campaign was to raise awareness about potential road dangers and the urgent need to take action for safer roads.

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