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Club news: In the Netherlands, ANWB members can "Travel now, pay later”

Publication date: 09 June 2015

The Royal Dutch Touring Club (ANWB) wants to facilitate the use of public transport and so has launched a public transport pilot project "Travel now, pay later” for its members. Starting in June, 1,250 selected members will pay for their travels on public transport after the journey when using a chipcard / smart card for all public transport in the Netherlands. Unlike with other chipcards, the ANWB card does not need to be pre-loaded nor will the usual boarding fare be debited. The travel amount will be paid by direct debit on a monthly basis, and participants will receive an overview and invoice stating the journeys travelled and the costs involved.

Using this system, Club members receive a 40% discount on train journeys during off-peak hours, €10 travel credit with Dutch railway operator NS, a free subscription to rent an OV Bicycle, as well as ANWB Bicycle Roadside Assistance and 20% discount of parking with Q-park when travelling by train on the same day. The plan is part of ANWB's strategy to move from being an Automobile Club to become a Mobility Club. The pilot will last for one year and is carried out in cooperation with all transport providers in the Netherlands.

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