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Club news: ANWB starts pilot with ebike road patrols

Publication date: 09 August 2016

The ANWB has started a pilot in which patrols travel to customers by electric bicycle. Between August and the end of October, the RA patrolmen will bike through the inner cities of Amsterdam and The Hague. The idea was adopted from the ÖAMTC and ADAC. The Club thinks that using bikes is a good choice in city traffic with respect to both the liveability and the air quality in the cities. Patrols will be using the Charger LS (Low Speed) e-bikes – with a robust battery – made by Riese & Müller. Their equipment will be in an Aidoo bike trailer. Both the bike and the trailer will have safety stripes to increase their visibility in traffic.

The patrols will cycle through the canal belt in Amsterdam and between downtown The Hague and Scheveningen. There will be one active bike in the trial period and eight patrolmen who will take turns with the bike. There was a great deal of enthusiasm for this new job.

The patrols will have enough tools with them to help the most frequent breakdown problems in the city. A compressor to pump up tyres, an electronics tester, a first-aid kit, a jack and a jump battery are all fitted into the compact tool car.

If the pilot is a success, the bike patrols may become part of the regular fleet of road patrols currently consisting of cars, trucks and motorbikes.

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