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Club news: AMZS survey on child safety in cars

Publication date: 01 March 2016

The results of a recent survey on child safety and the impact of children on drivers, conducted by the Automobile Association of Slovenia (AMZS), revealed that one fifth of Slovenian drivers at least occasionally drive small children without using the appropriate carseat when the child's parents are not present. Additionally, 11% of the respondents admitted that they have neglected car safety rules for children when driving over shorter distances such as when taking them to school or kindergarten.


When it came to the impact of small children on drivers during journeys, 21% of drivers said that having children in the car could often be distracting. Roughly the same amount of respondents admitted that they have neglected important road safety aspects including correct turns or missing road signs because they were engaging with the child while driving.


The survey included 692 respondents (77% women and 23% men) aged between 20 and 65.


More information about the results from the survey could be found on AMZS website

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