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Club news: AMZS calls for safe roads to school throughout the school year

Publication date: 06 October 2016

In Slovenia, governmental and non-governmental institutions run numerous campaigns at the beginning of the school year to warn drivers that children are returning to school. However, these campaigns focus on children’s road safety only during the beginning of September. Auto-Moto Zveza Slovenije (AMZS) believes that the state should systematically carry out these activities throughout year.

To emphasise this message, AMZS carried out, in cooperation with automobile Clubs in Slovenia and the Police, an innovative promotion with two mascots, Anja and Zdravko. Three days before the new school year, the mascots were place at busy intersections and pedestrian crossings near schools to remind drivers when school. On the first day of school Anja and Zdravko were carrying the message ‘’365 days!” to warn drivers that they must watch out for children on the road all year.

The campaign has had a wide response with the public and in the national and local media.

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