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Club news: AMSM celebrates 70 years of assisting motorists

Publication date: 06 October 2015

On 25 September, AMSM celebrated its 70th anniversary. The celebration took place in the Macedonian National Theatre, where Spase Jovkovski, President of AMSM and Dimitar Minovski, AMSM's Secretary General, thanked the guests for their efforts to be part of such important moment for AMSM.

Trajko Veljanoski, vice-president of the Republic of Macedonia and Speaker of the Macedonian Parliament, delivered a speech emphasising the role of AMSM in increasing the road safety in Macedonia. Also a video message from FIA President Jean Todt was broadcasted. Furthermore, Thierry Willemarck, President of FIA Region I, delivered a speech underlining that AMSM proves that it is not the strongest, but the one that can adapt most quickly to change that survives. There were further delegates from ÖAMTC and COFO members ACA Albania, BIHAMK, UAB, AMZS, AMSS, HAK, AMSCG and UAMK.

During the ceremony, AMSM debuted the documentary film “70 years AMSM: The story of our success”, along with the publication “70 years AMSM“.

AMSM thanks the persistence and hard work of past generations that have brought it to this milestone. Just as in 1945, enthusiasm in AMSM is still fresh.

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