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Compass4D: Thessaloniki unveils its priorities and action plan for sustainable mobility

Publication date: 25 September 2014

On 24 September, representatives of Thessaloniki's local and regional governmental institutions presented their plans on deployment of Intelligent Transport Systems for the 2014-2020 period in an open forum on ITS. During the day, a live demonstration of Compass4D services was organised in Thessaloniki where some of the over 150 taxis equipped with Compass4D services drove through the city centre. The taxis were equipped with C-ITS technologies of suggested energy efficient routes for avoiding congestion on the city’s peripheral ring road and improved real-time travel time information services for frequently used routes within the city.

In Thessaloniki, Compass4D is deploying harmonised C-ITS services in 150 taxis from the Taxiway company involving more than 200 drivers. The services have now become reality in the two locations of the pilot site; the Energy Efficient Intersection (EEI) service will be implemented along the Tsimiski Street, one of the main urban arterials in the central area of the city, while the Road Hazard Warning (RHW) service will be provided along the Peripheral Ring Road of Thessaloniki.

This event was the fifth Compass4D meeting in Europe where industry stakeholders, public authorities and users had the chance to exchange different views on cooperation schemes and common policy priorities and actions.

For more information, visit the Compas4D website

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