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Club news: ACM’s seat belt campaign reduces road injuries with taxis

Publication date: 15 February 2017

The number of accidents and injuries involving taxis has decreased dramatically in Moldova, thanks to the seat belt campaign that was carried out by the Automobile Club of Moldova (ACM), the National Patrolling Inspectorate (NPI) and taxi companies operating in the capital.




In early 2016, the campaign began by primarily targeting taxi drivers and passengers. The aim was to increase the number of the taxis equipped with the seat belt in the back seats, increase the level of use of back-seat belts and child restraints, improve the taxi drivers’ and managers’ responsibility for the passengers. The assistance of the taxi managers was employed in informing and monitoring the regular use of the belts. These participants were awarded diploma’s as gratitude for their active role in the campaign.

ACM hopes to extend the campaign into 2017, to address the not using or misuse of seat belts for children, which was discovered during the campaign patrols.

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