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Club news: ACM Moldova targets pedestrian safety

Publication date: 10 February 2016

From December to February, the Automobile Club of Moldova (AMC) in partnership with the Patrol Police of Moldova are carrying out The Pedestrian” Pilot Intervention, aimed at improving the safety of pedestrians. The campaign will end in February 2016 and consists of two parts. The first part involves careful road traffic monitoring in order to analyse pedestrians’ behaviour while crossing the road. The second part aims to educate pedestrians to improve their behaviour through conducting a series of road safety activities.


The Pedestrian” Pilot Intervention revealed the most common pedestrian traffic violations. It also identified that poor observance of traffic regulations is the top reason for road fatalities involving pedestrians in Moldova. The awareness campaign, carried out by the AMC, included activities in areas with high concentration of accidents as well as the distribution of informational materials to schools, kindergartens, clinics, pharmacies, commercial banks and other public institutions in the area. 

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