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Club news: ACA denounces the increase in fuel taxes in France

Publication date: 15 March 2016

Following the record high levels of fuel taxation implemented at the beginning of 2016 in France, the Automobile Club Association (ACA) released a report that stridently denounces the practice of continual increases in the state taxation of fuel. Between 2014 and 2016, the fuel tax rate increased from 99% (or 5 times the standard VAT) to 201% (10 times VAT) on diesel. Over the same period, the petrol SP95 tax hike rose from 136% (almost 7 times VAT) to 210% (more than 10 times the normal VAT). In a statement, the President of the Automobile Club Association, Didier Bollecker, criticised the exceptionally high tax rates for fuel in comparison to other products and emphasised the burden which such decisions put on motorists. He also reiterated the determination of the Club to continue its activism aimed at keeping personal mobility affordable.


Didier Bollecker said: "The end of 2015 saw diesel fall below the symbolic threshold of €1 per litre, given the significant decline of oil prices in recent months. But this apparent decline hides a more complex reality: the product price decline was largely exploited by the government to further increase the share of taxes!"

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