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Club news: AA Tanzania continues high quality road safety trainings

Publication date: 03 January 2017

The Tanzanian government has launched a new training curriculum for motorcyclists (bodabodas). The Automobile Association of Tanzania (AAT) was the first to begin teaching the new curriculum and has trained 5,000 motorcyclists since 2013. The AAT and the FIA were praised by the National Road Safety Council of Tanzania for the high quality of their trainings and contributions to the country’s road safety initiatives.

In addition to the training of motorcyclists, the AAT also has trained 30 traffic police and fire officials on how to drive cars for free. All participants successfully passing the driving test.

The AAT also donated 100 battery powered bicycle lamps to the Uwaba union of bicycle riders for more visibility at night. Efforts by the AAT to avoid accidents for bicycle riders, especially in the dark, were also praised.

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