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Club news: AA UK's message to drivers #NeverTextDrive

Publication date: 29 November 2016

The AA Charitable Trust for Road Safety launched the first part of their Driver Distraction campaign on Friday 25 November.

The main element of the launch is a new short film “Cadence” made in conjunction with film production graduates from the University of Derby.


Alongside the film, the AA carried out a poll of 23,141 drivers asked: Which of the following would you do if you were a passenger and your driver used their hand-held mobile when driving?

  • Ask them to stop using phone — 59%

  • Offer to take the call — 50%

  • Take the phone away — 12%

  • Refuse to get in car with them again — 8%

  • Report them to police — 1% (203 people)

  • Nothing, but would be annoyed — 5% (1096 people)

  • Nothing, won’t bother me — 1% (288 people)

More than one in ten (13%) young drivers (18-24 yrs) find it difficult to ignore a message or email alert on their phones whilst driving. Overall 6% of drivers find this difficult.

The central message of this campaign are the dangers of mobile phone use while driving. It further urges passengers to speak up and insist that drivers put the phone down.

Watch the film

Read more on The AA's website

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