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Club news: AA Kenya Launches First Aid Training for PSV Drivers

Publication date: 13 July 2016

The AA of Kenya, through the FIA Grant programme, launched the “Msamaria Mwema” or “Good Samaritan”.  The Good Samaritan campaign is a partnership between AA Kenya and St John Ambulance, the leading local first response expert.

The objective of the campaign is to train at least 500 public service vehicle (PSV) drivers in towns along the Northern Corridor, which registered the highest number of crashes and fatalities in 2015. For the purpose of the campaign, AA Kenya will focus on driving aspects, and St John Ambulance will provide the First Aid training.

The choice of PSV drivers is advised by the fact that, in many cases, they are the first to arrive at accident scenes. The training will impart safe driving and basic First Aid skills.


The project aims to:

-   Train at least 500 PSV drivers who, once trained, will facilitate the reduction of post crash fatalities and severity of injuries.

-  Improve post crash care and management of victims before and during transit to hospital

-  Change the drivers’ attitudes towards accident victims and management of the scene of the accident in general

-  Change attitude and behavior by promoting careful and safer driving, to enhance road safety and accident prevention


So far, 139 drivers have gone through the training in Nairobi, and the sessions will continue up to November 2016.

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