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Club news: ADAC surveys German drivers

Publication date: 10 February 2016

How good are German motorists? Spot-on in practice, less sure in theory - that’s the result of a recent ADAC survey on the knowledge of German motorists. The respondents gave correct answers to about half of the questions on traffic signs and rules. In the practical part, however, results were much better and 83% of the tasks were handled without any mistakes.


Additionally, the survey identified significant differences in performance between men and women. While 67% of the men managed to answer more than half of the questions correctly, the figure amongst female respondents was only 49%. Women, however, were much more realistic when accessing their knowledge and performance. Only 12% of the female drivers thought they were better than other drivers while about a half of the men surveyed held the belief that they are better or even much better than their fellow motorists.


The participants in the survey scored best in the questions related to children’s safety and the use of mobile devices - 82% of the respondents knew that children under three had to be secured in adequate restraint systems while two thirds answered correctly that texting and using apps is only permitted when the engine is switched off.


Zip-merging and forming an emergency corridor proved to be more challenging questions: 72% and 61% of the answers respectively were wrong. Respondents also felt insecure about the right way in a roundabout, which tyres to use in winter and what to bear in mind when passing a bus stop.

The survey was carried out amongst 1,008 German motorists aged 17 and above who held a valid driving licence.

Read more on the ADAC website (in German)

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