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Rules: The participants compete in (Club) teams against each other. Together they try to identify the cause of break-down on the various vehicles and to solve the problem. 

Criteria for evaluation: Method of procedure, trade knowledge, knowledge of mechanical parts, use and application of aid devices, stress resistance, customer relation, and success of assistance. 

Number of participants: One team per Club with 2 Road Patrolmen. One Road Patrolman per club is also accepted. In this case a mixed team will be formed with the other Club that also sends one Road Patrolman.

Instructors: The Automobile Association (AA)


Languages: The instructors speak English and therefore basic knowledge of this language is an asset. Translation into other languages will be provided according to other common languages and possibilities on the spot. 

Cars/Material: All participants should but don't have to bring the universal key as well as diagnostic devices. Participants are also encouraged to come with their own fully equipped Road Patrol Cars. Teams can use their own equipment during the contest. HAK and the AA will provide equipment for teams that won’t bring their own Road Patrol Cars.

Prize: The winner of the contest will receive an Award, participants a diploma for attendance.

Airport transfer: HAK will meet the participants arriving by plane at the airport and transfer them to Hotel Jakov Solaris in Šibenik. Important: Make sure to provide your exact arrival and departure details on the registration form, so that HAK could arrange the transfers. For those arriving by car HAK can provide an itinerary.

Costs: Participants pay for their travel and accommodation. Meals and contest participation are free of charge.

Dress code: 

Training and contest: patrol uniforms (the training and contest will be in- and out-doors)
Social program: casual and rain jacket/coat

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