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You are here: FIA Region I Events Road Patrol Training for Excellence 2014 Agenda




The RPC will include this year, among others: High Voltage Awareness as well as Locks, Alarms and Immobilisers.


Tuesday, 9 September

Until 14:00                   Arrival of teams   

12:00-14:00                 Lunch    

14:00-15:00                 Check in

15:00-18:00                 Presentation of teams and road patrolmen cars / diagnostic tools

18:00-19:00                 Opening cocktail

19:00-21:00                 Dinner    


Wednesday, 10 September

9:00-12:30                  1st part of the training and the contest

12:30-13:00                 Lunch

13:00-16:30                 2nd part of the training and the contest

17:00-19:00                 Optional social programme (go-karts)

From 19:00                   Free time


Thursday, 11 September

9:00-12:30                  3rd part of the training and the contest

12:30-13:00                 Lunch

13:00-16:30                 4th part of the training and the contest

17:00-21:30                 Social programme


Friday, 12 September

9:00-12:00                   Feedback and evaluation

12:00-14:00                 Lunch and prize ceremony

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