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You are here: FIA Region I Events Road Patrol Training for Excellence 2012 RPC 2012 participants


RPC 2012 participants


Club Country First Name Last Name
AMSCG Montenegro  Marko Jankovic
AMSCG Montenegro  Milos Jokic
AMSM FYROM Goran Trajkov
AMSM FYROM Igor Nikolovski
AMSM FYROM Goran Cvetanov
AMSM FYROM Kiril Mucevski
AMSS Serbia Bogdan Milinkovic
AMSS Serbia Zoran Jovanovic
AMSS Serbia Vladimir Subotic
AMZS Slovenia Gregor  Selan
AMZS Slovenia Miran Kališnik
AMZS Slovenia Viljem Lovec
BIHAMK Bosnia and Herzegovina Suad  Spahic
BIHAMK Bosnia and Herzegovina Asim Karic
BIHAMK Bosnia and Herzegovina Davor Prelcec
HAK Croatia Atila Tetarević
HAK Croatia Zlatko  Kurtek
MAK Hungary Balázs Horváth
MAK Hungary János  Varga
MAK Hungary Attila  Csoba
ÖAMTC Austria Gerhard Brugger
ÖAMTC Austria Christoph Schneider
SATC Slovakia Vladimir Podmanicky
SATC Slovakia Vladimir Podmanicky Jr
UAMK Czech Republic Vaclav  Fisar
UAMK Czech Republic Pavel  Kopecky
FIA Region I Belgium Sinziana Gille
FIA Region I Austria Werner Kraus
AA trainer UK Greig  Kember
AA trainer UK Ben  Locket
AA trainer UK Richard  Stewart
AA trainer UK Keith   Miller
AA trainer UK Andy  Smith  
AA trainer UK Steve  Lambert  
AA trainer UK Rob  Sibley
AA trainer UK Phil   Webb
AA trainer UK Trevor   Barkham
AA trainer UK Claire Pirie
AA trainer UK Ian  Edwards  
AA trainer UK Donald MacSporran 
HAK Croatia Slavko Tusek
HAK Croatia Zvonko Smuk
HAK staff Croatia Eva Kostevc
HAK staff Croatia Kresimir Viduka
HAK staff Croatia Tomo Habljak
HAK staff Croatia Darko Ceraj
HAK staff Croatia Zvonko Senjic
HAK staff Croatia Darko Brozovic
HAK staff Croatia Renata  Županić
HAK staff Croatia Damir Župan 
HAK staff Croatia Darko Ceraj
HAK staff Croatia Marin Morava
HAK staff Croatia Marko Klisović
HAK staff Croatia Boris Martinko
HAK staff Croatia Zrinka Viduka
HAK staff Croatia Dejana Knezić
HAK staff Croatia Marija Franić
HAK staff Croatia Alan Vojvodić
HAK staff Croatia Davor Andrić



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