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You are here: FIA Region I Events Spring Meeting 2014 Luxembourg Agenda




Tuesday, 13 May


  9.00-13.00    Transport & Mobility Working Group (SOFITEL)

  9.00-11.00    COFO Meeting* (PASSION)

  9.00-10.30    ACTAC Meeting* (INNOVATION)

  9.00-12.00    Region II EXCO* (EUREKA)

12.30-14.00    Lunch

13.30-15.30    FIA Region I Presidential Board* (EUREKA)

14.00-18.00    Legal Consumer Affairs Working Group (SOFITEL)

14.00-16.00    SNAKE Bureau* (INNOVATION)

16.00-18.00    FIA Region I Management Council* (PASSION)

16.00-18.00    Customs Council* (INNOVATION)

          18.45    Welcome Cocktail (pick up in the lobby of Novotel)

          19.30    Welcome Cocktail begins (Musée Dräi Echelen)


Wednesday, 14 May


  9.00-11.00    FIA Region I Plenary Assembly (PASSION)

  9.00-13.00    Technical Working Group Meeting (SOFITEL)

11.15-13.00    Programmes Committee* (EUREKA)

11.15-13.15    SNAKE Assembly* (INNOVATION)

11.30-12.45    ACI's 3000 Ambassadors of Road Safety (PASSION)

11.30-13.00    NOCOF Meeting* (PANORAMA, SOFITEL)

12.30-14.00    Lunch

13.00-13.30    AIT Committee Meeting* (EUREKA)

          14.00    iMobility Challenge (pick up in the lobby of Novotel)

14.30-17.30    iMobility Challenge (driver training track)

15.00-17.30    International Historical Commission* (PASSION)

          19.00    Gala Dinner (pick up in the lobby of Novotel)

          20.00    Gala Dinner begins (Château de Bourglinster)


Thursday, 15 May


  9.00-13.30    EuroTest Meeting* (INNOVATION)

  9.00-12.00    FIA Region I Eurocouncil* (PASSION)

12.30-14.00    Lunch

14.30-17.00    World Council for Automobile, Mobility and Tourism* (PASSION)


Friday, 16 May


9.30-13.00     Statutes Review Commission* (PASSION)




*closed meeting for members only



pdf Spring Meeting 2014 Agenda.pdf (315.3 KB)

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